Automated Excel and BI Reports

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Automated Excel and BI Reports manages fast track your decision making and measure your organisation’s performance through first class Business Intelligence and Analytics. The analytics hub has the skills, technologies and to investigate and mine the data to gain insight. Senior and drive business planning and performance.

Data has become a critical part of aligning the day to day activities with the overall organisation strategies. Senior management is busy and they cannot afford to commit their time to assessing multiple, desperate reports from across an organisation.

Our dashboards give business leaders their ability to bring in silos to dashboards, thus empowering them to make faster better decisions. The dashboard creates  big picture, providing insight across all aspects of a business. 

We focus on 2 pricipal areas

BI: Let us help you measure past performance and guide your future activities. Answer important business questions such as, what happened ? how many and how then?  

Advanced Analytics: We use business modelling techniques to predict future events and discover patterns. Let us help answer questions such as, why is this happening? what if scenarios? what will happen next?